Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tagged "Me"

I have been TAGGED. This is the first time that I have been tagged and I am elated (Don't judge that by my pic: That is indeed my "Elated" look) about it.

Thanks to Tairebabs

These are the rules:

1. Link the person(s) who tagged you…Tairebabs

2. Mention the rules on your blog

3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours...

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Of my "Quirks"

  1. Of Jeans and T shirts: I am most comfortable in Jeans and T shirts. That’s what I wear for work everyday. Formals make me drowsy and sluggish.... I also need my sports shoes with this.
  2. Of "Bed Tea" and my "Chai": I love my bed tea....I can't really start my day without my cup of tea. And when I say tea...it has to be made the way "punjabi's" make their tea...It's essentially chai....it should have "cardamom" and sometimes I like it to have "ginger" too .....I hate tea with powdered milk and tea bags.....Most of the offices have the vending machines for such tea...I can never have that kindda tea....
  3. Of Q-Tips: I am gonna take this one from Tairebabs.... because I suffer from the same....My ENT doc has told me not to use it, like I do.... but I guess I am just addicted....
  4. Of my Photographs and Videos: OK when I say my photos, I really don't mean they all are mine (nature, friends, roads, pubs, college, school, graduation day, new jeans, birthday cakes, trips.....). Well I have a collection of Photos and Videos which I have collected over many years and I keep on clicking and adding stuff to it almost daily. This stuff is very personal and I browse through it almost daily. I keep three different back ups for it. Once I lost a bunch of my photographs because of a hard disk crash, I was really pissed. I almost wanted to smash my computer.
  5. Of my time alone, hills and movies: Sometimes I get really sick and tired of the city life; then I just pack my bag and leave for the Hills. I don't need company for going to the hills. I have traveled alone a lot and I love it; because you are really not confined by anything. I like that feeling of doing "nothing"....unfortunately because of my job I really can't do that much.... but I still take out time to be alone…. I just switch off that damn cellphone. I also go to movies alone, but that’s also because I love movies more than anything in the world. I love going to Film festivals and watching any/every kindda movie. I have watched foreign language movies even without subtitles. I feel that there is something magical about celluloid!!
  6. Of mixing drinks and parties: I love to play the host, even if it’s not my party. My close friends like it. But others hate it…..I don’t blame them. I love to mix drinks for everyone. I love to try/mix different kindda liqueurs, spirits, wines etc….I have my secret recipes…. I do drink a lot, but I also have this irrepressible desire to make drinks for people (and of course be appreciated). I kindda extract a creepy pleasure when I mix drinks for people who don’t drink alcohol (smartly altering their Mocktails into cocktails). As a matter of fact, some of them really liked my cocktails and started drinking them regularly.

What does that tell of me…..I don’t know…..?

Now I need to TAG six more bloggers by linking them, now some of them might have been tagged previously, but I guess I need to follow the rules:

Emaan : May be too young for quirks, but really doesn't matter...it should be fun: I love this Dude

Raghav (Emaan's Dad)





I guess I have done my bit!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Diamonds are no friends......

So it was Mothers day and I decide to go to a Jewellery store to get something for my Mom.

There are two such shops nearby my place; I just go there to check out what kind of stuff they have. I am there, checking out gold bangles, earrings and blah blah….. and this fat guy entered the shop.

I know this fat guy from my high school….I don’t know if he recognized me or not…not that we were ever friends…..he was may be three years junior to me…he was fat back in school too….and now he’s grown bigger. And me, well I was so skinny in school….really…but thanks to all the pizza’s and chicken cooked by Jose’s mom….I guess…. I am no longer skinny….damn I am getting carried away with school stuff…..lets get back to the shop.

A father and son duo runs this store. Old dude was attending to me and answering all my stupid questions. The fat guy walks up to the son, who was attending to a chick.

“Excuse me, can you help me out here….I have a small question”

This young guy asks him to wait…of course the fat guy needs to wait….the “son” was chatting (and showing rings) to this hot chick!!

The girl left in a few minutes. I was still looking at different stuff, wondering if I should really buy something, because no matter what it is, quite frankly my mom would want to exchange it.

“Yes sir, how can I help you” the young guy asked the fat guy.

“Oh … we found this in my mother’s safe….and apparently we don’t know what it is? “ He took out a “sparkling thing” from a faded envelope and handed it over to the young guy.

“I will check it for you, sir”

The young guy takes out some kind of instrument to test this thing. While he was performing this check, his father also got fascinated by what his son was doing and completely stopped answering my equally fascinating dumb questions. I was really pissed.

And I got all the more pissed when the young guy tells the fatso that, that “thing” is a “diamond”. Honestly I just caught a glimpse of that “Sparkling Thing” it was huge…..I have absolutely no knowledge about diamonds…. But if that thing is indeed a diamond….It’s a Fuc#$%& jackpot for that fatso…..there was a turmoil in my head….. May be I should go home and check some murky locker at my place….what the F&*^ ….. May be…. even my grand parents must have buried some “diamond, emerald, ruby” damn something…some precious stone …..Somewhere ……

Seriously, the old dude almost had a heart attack…..he was staring at the “diamond” like a zombie!! He completely ignored me……. That fatso and his fat “Diamond” completely shattered my existence. The fat guy asked the young guy about the approximate price of the diamond. The young guy told him that, it’s probably gonna be worth at least 4-5 lacs (Rupees).

The “mean” devil inside me wanted to smash all three of them and run away with the “diamond”. But this old dude’s zombie look was really creepy and scared the shit out of me. I walked out.

I walked over to this other shop which was very close to the previous one. I was still pissed and a part of my mind was still quarrelling with the “all mighty”. This shop was a little bit bigger than the other one. This one dude started showing me bangles, earrings and other stuff.

In like two minutes, the fat guy walks in here too.

NOW…..If there would have been a pisso-meter or some kindda gadget to measure my intensity of frustration, it would have exploded in all likelihood. I so wanted to slap this fatso…… and tell him to go and join a gym….may be go jogging….. or stop eating …..whatever…..do something meaningful in his sad/fat life …..And for Pete’s sake…he should stop following me from one shop to another with his fat diamond, which quite frankly was making me feel so minuscule.

I swear, but somehow the fat guy looked bigger to me. I mean it felt like he gained couple of kilos just because of the jackpot euphoria. He went over to the other counter and asked the same thing to the guy at the counter.

The guy at the counter took the “Diamond” in his hand ….just looked at it with his naked eye and said “Sir this is just ‘American Diamond’ you know Zircon”

I don’t know shit about diamonds…this is just gibberish for me….but still……somehow life was looking good again!! There was Hope……God was not trying to tell me that I am his nastiest creation!! I wanted to “salute” the guy at the other counter.

The guy at the counter added “This is probably worth Rs 150-200”

I was elated……the “devil” inside me wanted to set the fat guy in the school auditorium and tag him “JACK-ASS” ………

I knew pretty well that there is a possibility that this guy was wrong and that was indeed a real Diamond. But I wanted to end the story there. So I walked out…. yet again.

P.S: My mom is very “picky”; she “condemns” pretty much everything, even the things that she herself selects. So I guess I will just take her to the store and whatever she wants to buy……I love her though!! Also I "don't have no" intentions to offend/ridicule people are over weight. (“Fiction without any Friction”……please....peace)

Monday, May 5, 2008

in the balcony

We live different lives and we also live our lives in different rooms/houses/buildings. How does it feel to go back to your first home? Well you need to feel it to know it.

Yesterday I went to Kalkaji (DDA Flats) with mummy and saw the flat which was my first home. Mom wanted to go and meet her old friend Baby (I know too many Punjabi Aunties called Baby). Though she lives in Mumbai she was here visiting her father. Of course I was a toddler when we stayed there, but there was a weird familiarity with that place. I felt very comfortable there. I don’t know ….

It seemed like a metaphorical womb. It was strange to be there after so many years. But for my mom it was a lot more… She seemed thrilled…excited …I dunno…. I mean I was excited and all, but I had nothing to go back to…..you know like when I visited our house in Agra almost after 12 years (or my school in Agra) I had memories…. And there were so many of them, in all different colors and stories…. So much of “nostalgia”….

When she was standing outside, in the balcony, I swear I saw her trying to do away with her tears. I guess a lot was going on in her mind at that moment…memories of Vinny growing up and then me as a new born baby. All that time she spent alone in that flat, all the time she might have spent waiting for Papa.

It would have been too much of “nostalgia” for her; it was that time when we didn’t have a phone (Not that she could have called back home too often any which ways: STD Calls were too expensive back in 80’s). I know for sure that Papa must have been late everyday. Damn…that time must have been quite tough for her …all alone in this new city with us little devils... I guess that’s when she became friends with Baby Aunty and got cozy with the rest of her family too….I know, I am what I am because of what happened in her life….I wouldn’t have been here, if some other man would have been in her life. I mean it would have been some other damn sperm. But then it wouldn’t have been about me (it’s not about me anyways right now)…. How her life would have been then? Happier? It’s hard to say…..very hard indeed!!

While Baby Aunty was in the Kitchen preparing Chai, Mummy was in the balcony….. Perhaps in the flashback living through those seconds, minutes, hours, days she spent waiting for Daddy. She had no idea about the other woman then. Now, the fact that the only man she ever “loved” disgraced that relationship, sucks. She hates him now.

Be it a man or a woman, everyone wants to cherish each moment of their love life and take it to their grave. But mom really doesn’t have any of those memories…..it really doesn’t matter that we are doing pretty good as a family now (with Papa gone)…..She probably stands in the balcony thinking about all those years she spent raising three kids ....without much help from her husband. I wanted to go out in the balcony and ask her what she was thinking about…. But I just couldn’t….I don’t know why…..

From Drafts 1

saved in drafts.....part 1 (nothing more to write)

Me and my buddies have been watching movies almost every weekend over couple of months. Seems like we have had our bit of the booze and parties and now we want to watch movies for some time.

So we have been friends for centuries now and we don't even question if someone makes a plan. I would call it "understanding" so the understanding amongst us is great. I know that my buddy "CEO" will watch only a comedy film. And that's why I would never ask him to watch any other kind of movie.

Honestly when CEO calls me up and its Saturday night (blah, blah...) we glance through Delhi Times to check out what movies are playing..... So we see this "Mr White, Mr Black" or "Mr Black, Mr White" playing on Spice....Its Arshad Warsi and Suniel Shetty..... we cant really think of anything better to do..... so we decide to drive up to Spice and watch this movie. While लाला (3rd buddy of mine) is still stuck in his stupid office....(yeah that dude works on Saturday too.....and its damn 10:00 PM)..... we head for Spice. We buy three tickets, hoping that लाला will join us, but he is tired as always and wants to go home to his mummy and daddy, eat and sleep. It doesn't matter, we will still charge लाला.

Sometimes you have expectations from a movie and it fails to live up to those expectations...... here it was a totally different story..... we hardly had any expectations out of this movie.... And I am that guy who goes to all foreign film festivals watching movies even of they don't have subtitles. I have never walked out off a theater

Friday, May 2, 2008

from Chungking Express

“Knowing someone doesn’t mean keeping them…….. People Change…….a person may like pineapple today…..and something else tomorrow” : Chungking Express

“If memories could be canned…would they also have expiry dates…. If so, I hope they last for centuries” : Chungking Express

Love song in a compartment

A body already naked
Undresses the other
Hands caress and fondle
Bodies embrace and touch
Lips crave for more
Sensuality drives the moves
Passion triggers the ooze

A crumbled sheet and soul
Disheveled hair and naughty jokes
Someone’s lost eternal love
Few magical moments
Under merchant’s nose

“Kiss me on the navel”
Whispered someone
The head slithered a little lower

Where is that chocolate cake?
That box of candles
And that private birthday party

It gets little cramped
Legs need to go higher
But we can moan as much
The engine is moaning too
Acceleration stimulates our orgasm

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Sound of Waves

"She" told me once that "she" finds the sound of waves therapeutic. "She" would sit/lie on beach listening to this eternal music for hours. "She" always wanted a house next to a beach.