Friday, May 2, 2008

Love song in a compartment

A body already naked
Undresses the other
Hands caress and fondle
Bodies embrace and touch
Lips crave for more
Sensuality drives the moves
Passion triggers the ooze

A crumbled sheet and soul
Disheveled hair and naughty jokes
Someone’s lost eternal love
Few magical moments
Under merchant’s nose

“Kiss me on the navel”
Whispered someone
The head slithered a little lower

Where is that chocolate cake?
That box of candles
And that private birthday party

It gets little cramped
Legs need to go higher
But we can moan as much
The engine is moaning too
Acceleration stimulates our orgasm


Priya said...

Woah..Did you write that?

Akshay said...

sure I did.... and it's kindda semi-autobiographical... Usually I post my poems on a separate blog.. if you liked this one you shud check my exclusive poetry blog too...