Friday, September 13, 2013

To Blog again

I haven't blogged for years now... I do write once in a while.... poetry mostly... sometimes shorts....

Years have gone by.... I am back in Delhi for most part.... I don't know if i am particularly happy about that.... but it seems OK... another week to go for my Birthday.... you seriously do stop counting now...

I want to tell myself that I learned a lot in Hyderabad...  good, bad and the ugly.... all those days... spent walking in Hyderabad and then then driving that crazy ass scooty.... wow..

Aman's father passed away two days ago.... he is here in Delhi and some of us went to meet him.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

December Spring

I am heading back to Dilli.

This entry comes while I wait for my Flight at Hyderabad Airport. I am excited to go back.... I always am.....

But this time is different. I am leaving something behind. It's like never before. It's neither a good feeling nor a bad one. But it feels like going away for a strange reason. Last few days have been great. They have been beautiful.

Sometimes we don't have to explain. Sometimes all reasoning fails. They say it has never been this cold in Hyderabad. But I saw spring in full bloom. Things were cosy.

There are things pending. I have to go back and get on them. too much.... too many...

I know I will comeback. Too soon.... too fast.....

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hyderabad Blue(S)cooty

Hyderabad is teaching me a lot.

Every old City has its own charm. This one is beyond Char-Minaar.... there are quite a few things that I like about the city.

Number one of-course is the Biryaani.... I love it. I've had it at all kindda places.... even went to old city for it.

I really like being in the City.... its crowded yet eventful. There are all sortta activities happening all around. Just like Delhi.... you just need to find out.

I just purchased a second hand scooty.... yeah "why should girls have all the fun".... It's fun....I was too scared to get a bike.... and too broke to buy a car. I already pay my EMI's for car and apartment in Delhi.

So its fun, Scooty is really fun..... seems like such a fun ride.... cost of running isn't much and gets me around.


VICNA went for two trips in the meanwhile। first one was to Thailand (Thanksgiving Break) and second one to Nanital (during their anniversary)

I talked to Naveen Sir today after so many years. He sounded just the same.

Tyagi is back in Delhi..... I was talking to Garv on the phone and he said "चाचू आप मुझसे गाजिअबाद मिलने आयोगे".... I love him....will definitely try to go and catch up with them this time.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

December 2, 2010

I was talking to Kameshwari today and she said "Time really does fly by"..... she was referring to last year and how I celebrated Diwali with those guys in a strange land.

I have to agree with her, it does fly by.... 2009.... and now 2010 is coming to an end. Only if someone could explain the concept of time. I guess that's the beauty of time.

Ok, time for updates:

  • Lala Times: stupid asshole has got some Kindda clot in his brain !@#$% what the Fu%$..... seriously... its for real. doctors say it will go away with medicines. he is taking them. He was to get married on 19th of November..... they found out about the issue 3 weeks before the wedding and told the girls family as well. They called the wedding off.... apparently the condition can be life long and it might recur after a couple of years.
  • CEO news: what is his thing. or rather.... what are his things.... now he is growing kindda anorexic. he barely eats. he weighs like 57 kgs.... quite frankly that's underweight for his height. he is still in love with "her"....
  • Jose points: just his usual, married.... calculative.... got another flat in Bangalore.... so much for his million dollar dreams...
  • Pauva hairlights: He is still drinking his liver out. He is a good example of how alcohol can make you what you are not. he is his own antithesis when he is drunk. He got hair weaving done this year and that has brought about couple of good laughs in our lives.
2010...has been a good year for me. I have traveled quite a bit, learned a lot. reconciled with old friends.

Year end will bring more traveling and celebration of New Years in a different land.

all is well.....

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mama's boy is 30

So it was that time of the year again.... only this time it was bigger.... I completed 3 decades on this massive wonderful place... called earth....

I am scared... but i was scared when I turned 20 also....

We had it again ... the traditional terrace party... I did it all... balloons, ribbons, candles, lights, music, unlimited booze and beer, food, cake..... after all.... it is a big deal....

My Birthday week, I did a lot more than just the Birthday party.... I met few really old/dear friends. Blast from the past..... but it was pleasant... I stated clearly what I have learned in last 10 years....Life is too short.... live and enjoy each moment...

More musings.....

CEO is in love.... and she is gone..... blah.... blah..... this has given him some focus....I guess... Lala AKA Bobby is getting married.....

Mr. Pauva is no longer just a Pauva, I have upgraded his title as Khamba kam Pauva. he just drinks way too much. while I try to overcome my addictions, i preach about "overcoming" addictions to everyone.

Cheena and Victor are enjoying their married life. My brother is still unmarried. I am trying to get him married by 2011.

Oh...yeah ... after so many leanings and all the wise words...... I would like to tell you that for the first time i missed my flight.

I would like to blame it on stupid CWG..... I left on time.... it took me friggin 1 hour 45 minutes to reach the airport.

we grow old...... but....we don't change.... do we?