Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Blank Paper’s Itch

This poem was written couple of years ago......

When I try to study
A blank paper, on a crossroad
Time eats me up as quicksand
I am volatile without a coffin

Fluttering eye and siesta in my veins
A night of pain
And a heart so distant
Too many pictures around
Portraits of strangers
And off season discounts
Flash through the whiteness
Of the blank paper
Stories, poems, songs, sketches
Memoirs and diary entries
Epistolary, novels and sonnets
So much and too many
All in my eyes or just the paper’s itch

I wait, I wait
To understand the mystery,
Of body and mind
Sex and love
Siamese twins

Ciphers disdain these questions
Some ambiguities can’t be deciphered
By a mere itch
Blank paper is just as susceptible
As a crossroad

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Birthday Bash and Birthday Cakes

So I celebrated my birthday by hosting a traditional roof top party. It was a fun party.....though I would have loved to party all night...... but not many people were willing to stay all night.

With each year passing by the number of candles really go up.......but with me it was even the number of birthday cakes..... I dissected four birthday cakes this year.

Now apparently people have changed their drinking habits. People who used to drink Beer asked for Scotch. And no one touched Bacardi (Rum). But anyways it all balanced out. No matter what happens we can never run out of booze at my party. I always have extra.....and additional extra......just in case people decide to get totally wasted...

Friday, September 12, 2008

Big news....


I haven't blogged in zillion years......I haven't been busy.....I haven't been lazy.... I have just been down. Yeah....when a guy like me is down.....he sits all day long watching movies/TV....he needs to get out of the city.....he researches about stupid trivia......

So last month we saw India's best ever performance at the Olympics. I was disheartened when Akhil Kumar lost..... but the fact is that I am in total awe of that guy.....he is awesome....

And of course Vijender Kumar is going to be pretty much everywhere. Everyone is running after him..... he totally deserves this...... but the fact is that things are going big for him only after he got a medal at Olympics....before Olympics also he was doing good.... he won medals at Commonwealth games and Asian Games. I just hope that things finally change for Boxing and boys at Bhiwani.

Bravo for Sushil Kumar

His Final match was such a treat for the eyes.....

So Big news for today:
What's that thing on my face.....my glasses..... so I finally got Specs... It's some stupid power..... but I was advised to wear anti glare.....I find it really weird.....Actually I think, I shouldn't even be wearing them.

It's just going to be one extra thing that I need to carry with me.... Now a person like me who wants the least amount of responsibility....I think it's just too much of a pressure.... Thats why I carry the cheapest possible mobile phone, because I am sacred that I'll just leave it somewhere. The weird part is that I haven't lost even a single mobile phone till now. Thats probably also because no one wants my cheap mobile. I hate carrying my wallet.....there was a time when it weighed "decent" but now it has become a lousy fat bitch.

This just tells me that i am not getting any younger......with my birthday around the corner....this is the last thing I needed.........but....whatever......