Friday, August 15, 2008

Against the odds: Indian Boxers: Akhil, Vijender and Jitender: Bhiwani Boxing Club

Jai Hind: Happy Independence Day

I read this Amazing article about Vijender Kumar (Arjun Award winner).( Bhiwani Boxing Club)

Vijender Kumar, (born October 29, 1985) is an amateur boxer from India who has repeatedly medaled in international amateur tourtnaments and qualified for the 2008 Olympics.

Tomorrow is his second Match at Beijing that will take him to the quarter finals:

Sat Aug 16 21:45 Men's Middle (75kg) Round of 16
ThailandCHOMPHUPHUANG Angkhan vs
IndiaKUMAR Vijender

We also have to watch out for another Match tomorrow: Jitender Kumar won the last match against MEMIS Furkan Ulas from Turkey.

Sat Aug 16 14:15 Men's Fly (51kg) Round of 16
UzbekistanDONIYOROV Tulashboy vs
IndiaKUMAR Jitender

Talking about Boxing Akhil Kumar won Men's Bantam (54kg) Round of 16 and now he is in quarterfinals. This is indeed a big achievement.

"BEIJING (Reuters) - Surprise package Akhil Kumar celebrated India's Independence Day by moving a win away from giving his country its first Olympic boxing medal on Friday.

After outboxing 2005 world silver medallist Ali Hallab of France in the first round, Kumar sent home Russia's world champion Sergey Vodopyanov, who was the favourite in the bantamweight class."

"I don't want silver or bronze," he warned. "Gold is my only target."

Bravo Akhil......I don't care about a medal....actually (honestly) I do..... but really that statement..... you are a winner dude....yeeeeeahhhhh

Please check out this news's amazing.....if you can check out the's even more amazing.....cut throat ....

awesome ...awesome...awesome....

Please read this article of Bhiwani Boxing Club:

And of course Bindra!!!! I don't really need to write anything for him....

Friday, August 8, 2008

AAA ......08/08/08 ......all about it......

So today is just another day....oh...yeah but It is Friday also.... and I am almost always happy on Fridays....the weekend is here..... god how much I love weekends......

And ..yeah the date is also a little is 08/08/08.... it really doesn't matter ..if you wanna use the dd/mm/yy format or mm/dd/yy are going to be safe today....Since I have been a victim of the date format fuck up.....I think this is a big deal.... this date format is responsible for couple of bounced checks and late payment fees....

Also Olympics have kick started today.....The Games carry a $43 billion price tag, dwarfing the previous record of $15 billion splashed out by Athens in 2004, sweeping thousands of people out of their homes to make way for a host of state-of-the art stadiums.

So I haven't been very active here for quite some time.... I guess its only fair to be back with some great news.....I was driving to work and I heard either RJ. Lokesh or RJ. Tuhin talking about Remake of Andaaz Apna Apna.

Amir Khan supposedly has approached Raj K. Santoshi for a remake of AAA. I am not really sure how many of you have seen this movie. This is the thing....I don't think that we should call it a great movie....that really doesn't justify it.... AAA is a genre in itself.... how do I praise the movie...I mean's really difficult because everything about that movie is awesome....

Right from the's a complete mind-boggling laughing riot....Not many people remember Juhi Chawla's or Govinda's guest appearance in AAA, but the fact is that even with just a minute (or two) of screen time Juhi Chawla was truly amazing. Since so much of consideration and thought was given for each and every aspect of the film...the comic timing, script, actor's chemistry......what we see on screen is pure fun....of course all of the main cast of the film was great.....I think this is Paresh Rawal's best performance in a comedy ever (no offense to Hera Pheri) even though the following actors were playing a character role in the film they were a pure delight:
  1. Late. Mehmood: Johnny (photographer)
  2. Viju Khote: Robert
  3. Shehzad Khan: Bhalla
  4. Tiku Talsania: Inspector
  5. Jagdeep : Salman's Dad
  6. Daven Verma : Amir's dad
  7. Shakti Kapoor: Crime Master Gogo: even though his screen time was limited he was nominated for a Filmfare award.
A lot of people treat AAA as a bench mark when it comes to Slapstick Comedy.

"वाह वाह वाह ..क्या चहेरा है.....क्या थोबडा है....अपने ढंग का एक ही नमूना है"

"सुनो सुनो दुनिया के लोगों, सबसे बड़ा है Mr Gogo."

"तुम्हारे बारें में बहुत सारे गधे सोच रहे होंगे

"तेजा मैं हूँ क्योंकी मार्क इद्धर है."

"चलो, चलो
तीलू को डंडे मारने है."

"Sir, यह Vasco Da Gama के ज़माने की gun है."

"किसके मामा की?"

The pun in the Dialogues of the movie is hard hitting.....even though I have watched the movie like a zillion times.....It is still funny...actually sometimes it gets funnier.....I can watch it again and again......the fact that Aamir Khan might be producing the remake of this movie is very promising to me. Now I have always believed that "sequels are never bestsellers"....but I also have strong faith in the “perfection fanatical” Aamir Khan.

AAA has a strong cult following. People are madly in awe of this movie. You can even find videos on you tube of youngsters inacting scenes from AAA. I mean in college we use to do it at so many parties....even AAA lingo is also used a lot.....