Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hyderabad Blue(S)cooty

Hyderabad is teaching me a lot.

Every old City has its own charm. This one is beyond Char-Minaar.... there are quite a few things that I like about the city.

Number one of-course is the Biryaani.... I love it. I've had it at all kindda places.... even went to old city for it.

I really like being in the City.... its crowded yet eventful. There are all sortta activities happening all around. Just like Delhi.... you just need to find out.

I just purchased a second hand scooty.... yeah "why should girls have all the fun".... It's fun....I was too scared to get a bike.... and too broke to buy a car. I already pay my EMI's for car and apartment in Delhi.

So its fun, Scooty is really fun..... seems like such a fun ride.... cost of running isn't much and gets me around.


VICNA went for two trips in the meanwhile। first one was to Thailand (Thanksgiving Break) and second one to Nanital (during their anniversary)

I talked to Naveen Sir today after so many years. He sounded just the same.

Tyagi is back in Delhi..... I was talking to Garv on the phone and he said "चाचू आप मुझसे गाजिअबाद मिलने आयोगे".... I love him....will definitely try to go and catch up with them this time.

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