Monday, May 5, 2008

From Drafts 1

saved in drafts.....part 1 (nothing more to write)

Me and my buddies have been watching movies almost every weekend over couple of months. Seems like we have had our bit of the booze and parties and now we want to watch movies for some time.

So we have been friends for centuries now and we don't even question if someone makes a plan. I would call it "understanding" so the understanding amongst us is great. I know that my buddy "CEO" will watch only a comedy film. And that's why I would never ask him to watch any other kind of movie.

Honestly when CEO calls me up and its Saturday night (blah, blah...) we glance through Delhi Times to check out what movies are playing..... So we see this "Mr White, Mr Black" or "Mr Black, Mr White" playing on Spice....Its Arshad Warsi and Suniel Shetty..... we cant really think of anything better to do..... so we decide to drive up to Spice and watch this movie. While लाला (3rd buddy of mine) is still stuck in his stupid office....(yeah that dude works on Saturday too.....and its damn 10:00 PM)..... we head for Spice. We buy three tickets, hoping that लाला will join us, but he is tired as always and wants to go home to his mummy and daddy, eat and sleep. It doesn't matter, we will still charge लाला.

Sometimes you have expectations from a movie and it fails to live up to those expectations...... here it was a totally different story..... we hardly had any expectations out of this movie.... And I am that guy who goes to all foreign film festivals watching movies even of they don't have subtitles. I have never walked out off a theater

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