Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bobby K. and his cigarette; Up in the air

Last night me and the gang (hardly a gang now) went out for a movie.... we watched "Up in the Air". It received eight Broadcast Film Critics Association nominations and garnered a win for Adapted Screenplay, six Golden Globe nominations, earning a win for Best Screenplay, three Screen Actors Guild nominations, and six Academy Award nominations.

Up in the Air has received recognition from numerous critics' associations.

Well having fired over a hundred people... I think it was pretty interesting. It was also interesting because I have the experience of being on the wrong side of the gun as well. Honestly, I liked the movie. Despite the Drama.... i think it had pretty good punches.

Bobby was driving tonight.... he picked me up...... we drove over to CEO's house and while we were waiting for CEO ... Bobby decided to light up a cigarette.... now the cigarette was already out of its case/Packet for a while.... because he took it out when he was waiting for me downstairs.... he was about to light it... but then i came.... so he just left the cigarette on the dashboard. CEO's (downstairs)......He was about to light the cigarette.....I noticed that he was going to light up the filter.... he had it the wrong way..... it was probably going to be another 2 seconds.... or may be 3 .....I had to decide fast...should I stop him from Lighting the filter and wasting the cigarette ... or should i just let it be ... there was so much to think about ... devil inside me wanted to let it be... and then laugh at him for being so stupid and silly.....but i cud still do all that, even if i wudd've stopped'im.

It's ridiculous... but as he lighted the matchstick....i leaped over and blew it out. I told Bobby... that he had it wrong....


AlooFar said...

Nice movie. iLike.

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