Monday, April 28, 2008

Blank paper’s itch

When I try to study

A blank paper, on a crossroad

Time eats me up as quicksand

I am volatile without a coffin

Fluttering eye and siesta in my veins

A night of pain

And a heart so distant

Too many pictures around

Portraits of strangers

And off season discounts

Flash through the whiteness

Of the blank paper

Stories, poems, songs, sketches

Memoirs and diary entries

Epistolary, novels and sonnets

So much and too many

All in my eyes or just the paper’s itch

I wait, I wait

To understand the mystery,

Of body and mind

Sex and love

Siamese twins

Ciphers disdain these questions

Some ambiguities can’t be deciphered

By a mere itch

Blank paper is just as susceptible

As a crossroad

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